Hey Cambium :)

Any way we can showcase the stories with pictures instead of looking like regular topics on the forums? I actually find these forums confusing.

Also when can we expect the SM ip address in cnmaestro to reflect the wlan ip when in nat mode? This would save me tons of time instead of for some reason displaying the lan ip.

please? anyone?

HI - We are looking at ways to highlight the recent posts and show the images. Can you send an example of what you would like to see?



Hi Ray,

Instead of the four big blocks you have there why not showcase the recent stories / case studies done? Those four blocks are literally the same links you guys have right at the top nav bar.

Also not sure if you guys have been able to update that CNMaestro reports NAT mode SM's with LAN IP's. Can you guys please switch this to reflect the WLAN IP?