Hi, Is there any product here to support 53 Kms @ 20 Mbps???

I Need a product to cupport 53 Kms in air through PTP mode to deliver at least 20 Mbps throughput.Pls suggest

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For  a  link this distance, I would recommend the Cambium Networks PTP 650.  There are many examples of the PTP 650 delivering higher capacity at even longer distances but of course will depend on the terrain and the antenna, etc.

The best way to predict the performance and availablity of this link is to plug the coordinates into LINKPlanner (even directly from Google Earth) which is a tool Cambium makes available at no charge from our support website.  Using LINKPlanner you can determine if this is a Line of Sight path and you can also insert additional obstacles such as particular buildings.

After determining the path, LINKPlanner will let you select the region of the world you are operating in along with your desired frequency band of operation.   Finally, you can do what-if scenarios with different anntenas sizes and gains.

You may also consider taking advantage of the spatial diversity feature of the PTP 650 if this is a long link over water or flat terrain. LINKPlanner can help with this as well.

Please keep us posted on your progress.


Bruce Collins

Product Manager

Cambium Networks

LINKPlanner can be found here.

we had a 70Km link with PTP500 and 2' radiowaves antennas. 70Mbps agregate throuput.

We replaced them with PTP800 for more capacity.


could connectorised PTP 450 with 29 dBi antenna meet my requirement?

no, try it with the PTP 650. It will work with 2 feet dishes and high capacity. We are running PTP 600 ( 60km) with 2 and 3 feet dishes and 200 mbit Bandwith.

Those look like pretty nice links, what is your antenna height for that particular hardware and distance?