Hi priority channel VOIP

We’re using Canopy for VOIP, configured to queue the tagged stream for hi priority channel. On both 900 and 2.4 the radios occasionally don’t recognize tagged packets properly. Using the Data VC tool, we find that sometimes clients configured for hi priority don’t always queue packets one way or both (usually it’s the uplink), but other SMs on the same AP may be OK. We’ve done ethereal traces and have confirmed that the packets are properly tagged all the way back to the office. Sometimes a reboot of the SM will correct, sometimes the AP has to be rebooted. Sometimes it takes multiple reboots of the AP to get all SMs queueing properly. Has anyone here noticed the same? More importantly, anyone have any recommendations?

Any insights are greatly appreciated.

What version of softvare are you using? Have you tryed to prioratize the traffice using vlans? Do you have the same results?

If you are unable to resolve the issue, here is a bit of info that may help:

90% of the time, the issue for VOIP traffic is at the customer LAN due to contention between web services, VPN, and VOIP. With VOIP taking so many ports, there is no way you can do port based QoS so you need to do it at the IP and/or MAC level.

We have started partnering with CheckPoint who sells an appliance that will do exactly this. I have been evaluating it on my 900MHz connection at my home office and I am satisfied that it is an acceptable solution. I have had two Vonage calls going while doing a large FTP transfer and browsing the web. The calls were fine.

In addition, the appliance does Managed Security (a profit center)

http://www.checkpoint.com/products/safe … index.html

Hope this helps.