Hide/Delete default templates.

Feature request - Please give us the ability to hide or delete the default templates provided in cnMaestro. There is too much clutter and we don't need to be able to select or see the default templates. This would also clean up the cnArcher template menu. 

Thanks for the suggestion.  In cnMaestro's UI, this has been implemented.  A screenshot from cnMaestro verion 2.2.1 (below) shows all of the Example Templates under the "Default" pull-down menu and these are hidden by default since the default setting is "Custom".  Therefore, only templates created by your organziation are normally shown.

To simplify the list for your installers using cnArcher, we will add modify cnArcher so as not to display these "Example" (of Default) templates.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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hi I'm using the local version of cn maestro I can't remove or hide the default templete and the damage is a lot of annoyance can you please help me to remove them or hide them? thank you

When onboarding devices, it is annoying to see the default templates we do not use. Need a way to delete default templates that are not in use.