Hide SSID from public

We have an ePMP 1000 and my boss is asking me to hide the SSID so it’s not public. I don’t see that in settings anywhere…is it capable of this?

ePMP is not working in WiFi standard. Typical WiFi user can’t see ePMP ssid.

I don’t believe it would be possible to disable SSID broadcast when used as TDD/ePMP mode due the CPE not being allowed to speak unless spoken to.

Not aware of any option to disable SSID broadcast when used as normal WiFi (and I think pretty unlikely they put any extra effort into anything beyond very basic WiFi functions).

Your boss doesnt understand that his laptop or phone cant see an epmp1000 or above using wifi protocols.
All epmp gear uses a proprietary radio protocol which can only be seen by other epmp radios EXCEPT when using WIFI compatibility mode. This is the standard wifi protocol and GPS sync does not work. Good for getting UBNT radios on your network before swapping them out.

There was a firmware to turn your AP in to a regular hotspot but this was discontinued and a simple flash to current firmware makes them a normal epmp AP.