High Definition Video Over Canopy

Does anyone have any experience implementing high defintion based megapixel video over either Canopy Advantage PTMP or PTP Backhaul links?

We have a license plate recognition application in which we need to inject wireless backhaul for transport and I would much prefer to use Canopy over mesh.

We are in the process of identifying our bandwidth requirements, but right now, I think it would be safe to assume a maximum requirement of 12 Mbps per camera. This application calls for (2) of these cameras. I would most likely either implement (2) Backhaul links, or use (2) AP’s, one AP serving each SM.

I am not up to par on the throughput metrics and availability of the Canopy Advantage platform.

What about Canopy 400? Is this available in 5.4 GHz in the US yet?



If it’s just two locations I’d go with two PTP’s.

you should be able to use PTP100’s in 2.4, 5.2, 5.4, 5.7

I’ve been dabbling in CCTV design and have found that it takes about 5Mbps to 15 or so Mbps of BW for a camera for MJPEG compression (really the only compression method that cannot be contested in court). This depends on the compression ratio and the number of Megapixles.

One of my designs I am working on is using fixed IP cameras connected to an Advantage AP, and BH’d using Orthagon product back to the main building where the NVR is located.

Yes, we have deployed similar systems, but using Mesh. Depending on the bandwidth required for the application, the closer the NVR is to the cameras, the better. We have one installation where the NVR is located in a rack at a tower site. The customer has (2) locations where we installed cameras. The cameras connect to Mesh, the Mesh connects to the tower with a PTMP Alvarion 4.9 GHz system…

So whats up with Canopy 400?

No idea at this time… I’m working on a system with Motorola Federal guys right now and I have requested some assistance with the 5.4 design (PTP400). If they turn something back to me with 5.4 I’ll PM you.

By the way…what cameras have you been working with that are requiring approx 5-15 Mbps of bandwidth per camera? Just curious…assigning a firm number of a bandwidth requirement to a camera has been a very impossible process, since there are so many factors involved…

I get that number from the various recording rates that are used combined with megapixles. For high-compression streams you can knock it down to like, .64Mbps/camera. For anything useable it is my understanding that you need to go full MJPEG (hence my high number). ONSSI, which is the company that makes NVR software that I really like has a white paper somewhere that states that MPEG4 is a great compression rate because it knocks the BW down, however it is not suggested for use as it can easily be contested in court because of the way it chops up the stream. For evidence gathering it is suggested that MJPEG is used. The downside to MJPEG is that it really chews up the bandwidth.

For all of the IP camera systems that I am working on, I am suggesting the use of MJPEG as the customers want to be able to use the captured evidence in court.

You already know that there are so many factors involved. I tend to overestimate the usage too, so I can allow for an upgrade in the future. Maybe that hurts me in the short run, but I feel it is due-dilligence in the long run. At the price of infrastructure to support IP camera systems, I feel that the customer would be rather upset if a year from now they have to upgrade X component at Y dollars (and Y dollars being expensive!).

I like this calculator as it is a decent tool to estimate BW and storage space. It shows how changing a few values can really impact the whole design. Keep in mind it is just an estimate.