High Frame Utilization Uplink

I am seeing very high uplink frame utilization that does nor correspnd to the traffic. You can see this at 8:00 a.m today.

Have 28 SM's, split as:

20 units Uplink 3M sustained and max burst rate of 6M with an allocation of 210,000 (21 seconds)

8 units Uplink 5M sustained and max burst rate of 10M with an allocation of 420,000 (30 seconds)

Graphs area attached.

Forgot to say.

Can anyone shed some light on why this is?

Any way you can correlate that with uplink SNR on the sector at that time?  I'm wondering if you had a spike in interference at the AP (or a timing glitch, especially if you're reusing frequencies), and uplinks all remodulated lower, which would lead to less efficient frame utilization.  (if it dropped from say 6x to 1x but not heavy traffic you could see the same traffic bps-wise but six times the frames utilized to achieve it - if traffic were heavy at the time you could cap the sector)


You may also have one or two customers running on QPSK on the uplink, and who are driving up your frame utilization with relatively small amounts of data.

The QPSK is running at about 50-60% it looks like. Here is the link status. AP is running at 30 MHz bandwidth and there is another AP on the same channel and bandwidth on an ABA sector (this the A).

I would have thought that the small upload traffic would not cause this much frame utilization.

Screenshot_2020-12-22 EC AP 33 at 347degrees - Link Status admin|690x354

Frame Utilization

First, off topic, but you’ve had a busy 4 years by the looks of it before getting back to this thread! :slight_smile:

Going into the issue. I hate to say it, but your frame utilization looks about what I’d expect for radios running that low in modulation, depending on what your frame configuration is like. You aren’t flat-lining at 100%, so that’s good, but it’s definitely high. If you want, we can try to explain frame utilization and what it means, but it basically ties signal quality to throughput.

It appears you have a lot of noise at the ap side probably. Trying to mitigate that, and getting those qpsk and 16qam radios up to a solid 64qam would make a huge difference to lowering your frame utilization. If you had oodles of downlink available, you could set a lower downlink percentage so the AP spent more time on uplink, but from your graphs, your downlink is getting to that 80% zone already too so that won’t be an option.

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Thanks Steven.

I see what you mean about the noise at the AP.

I’ll try and move some channels around and see what that does.