High packet loss -- all of a sudden

We have been running our CAP320 for about a month now, no problems. We are now experiencing high packet loss from the client station to the AP. I dont think we are losing to the switch because when pinging to the switch or the AP, there is no loss… only loss occurs from client station to the AP or when pinging the IP of the client directly.

Are there any AP spectrum or noise level evaluation tools to find out if there is interferance problems.

All 4 AP’s are experiencing packet loss…

We use a CMM4 with GPS sync.


I think the firmware on one sector was corrupt.

Downgraded, then upgraded, all is well again.

We have experienced 2+% packet loss using the CMM4 power inserter, Using standard PoE resolved this problem. We are trying newer CMM4s to see if this is a wider spread problem.