High Tx power could cause False Radar Detection issue (DFS detected!!!!!).

About the DFS:-

Dynamic Frequency Selection is the feature enabled on radios.Which helps them when they come into the contact of radar.But that's the theoritical fact. The real fact is how DFS works. When ever the radio sees any external energy on current channel it will consider that as radar.Hence you get the DFS detected message.

Automatic Transmitt Power Control:-
Automatic Transmitt Power Control can help you in this case.An AP can control registered SMs’ transmit power level such that a desired receive target power is seen at the AP. This feature is useful in DFS regions so that signals from close-in SMs are not being received at excessive high power levels which may cause the AP to false detect. It is also
useful for managing the general RF environment and controlling effective sector size by ensuring that SMs don’t transmit at any higher power than required.

For more information please go through with this post contains actual customer topology and solution.

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