Higher power 700 MHz cnReach radio announced

we just announced a new higher power radio for 700 MHz licensed solutions.  See more info below or let me know if you have any questions about this band or cnReach in general.  Regards, Bruce

With this latest update to the cnReach 700 MHz solution, Cambium Networks offers the industry’s leading combination of capacity and range with up to 10 Watts transmit power in a 250 kHz channel delivering more than 550 kbps of usable throughput.  With cnReach, your SCADA process control and monitoring applications go further and faster than ever before.

The latest 700 MHz cnReach hardware has been FCC approved for up to 10W of transmit power enabling the maximum EIRP (30W or 44 dBm) allowed for all modulations (up to 32QAM) and all bandwidths from 12.5 kHz to 250 kHz and in all antenna configurations from yagi to omni.  With this latest technology, you can maximize the usage of your 700 MHz spectrum while leveraging the scalability, security and reliability of Cambium Networks’ proven solutions.

Licensed 700 MHz solutions operate in the Upper 700 MHz A block consisting of two 1MHz blocks (757-758 MHz and 787-788 MHz).  This spectrum is especially well-suited for critical infrastructure applications.  Contact Access Spectrum or Select Spectrum for licensing information.

Come see us at Distributech Booth #3450 or view our recorded webinar to see this and other solution from Cambium Networks where we are transporting the Industrial Internet of Things.