Highest Power and Highest Capacity Narrowband Radio - cnReach

The cnReach is now available in 10 Watts output power (40dBm), and will support the maximum EIRP allowed by the FCC of 44dBm.  Notably, cnReach supports 40dBm in all bandwidths and modulations.

cnReach also supports up to 250KHz channels, the highest in the industry.  With frequency reuse capability of cnReach through GPS syncronization, it is second to none for spectral efficiency.   Coupled with GPS syncronization capabiliy, cnReach with 250KHz channel widths make it the best selection for high capacity needs in 700MHz hands down.

Look for cnReach support in cnMaestro, Cambium's network management and Lifecycle Management platform in the next few days.  Support for remote password management and firmware / software update capability by simple job creation in the tool will be supported.

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