hight times between backhauls

Hi forum,first i am sorry for my english,my problem is :

I have a cluster with 6 ap advantage and 1 backhaul 10 megas master and 1 cmm micro at 5.7 at a bulding of 600 feet.

At my office i have 1 backhaul slave at 1 mille from the master,rssi=1391,jitter=1,radio power= - 58.

My backhaul master is configured downlink data 50 percent.

My backhaul master has v7.3.6 and fpga 020205 but slave v7.3.6 and fpga 051104 (will be this the problem?)

i have 150 sm"s ,and my full broadband is 4 megas.

i have a router cisco 1841 making nat.

all my sm"s making nat to at my clients.

the problem is answer or response times between backhauls(point to point)the times going 2 or 3 milliseconds until 50 or 60 milliseconds but just only at peak hours or big trought broadband(2 or 4 megas).

but at no peak hours ,for example 9 am ,just 500k or 1 mega trougth broadband, the answer or response times between backhauls are excellentes 2 or 3 milliseconds max.

or if i disconnect router lan cable of switch,times are excellent to,2 or 3 milliseconds between backhauls.

what can i do to keep always ,all day, times of 2 o 3 millisecond between backhauls?

is there any problem in my backhauls by has diferent fpga?

is there any problem in my router?

is my router enable to support 4 megas with nat?

i hear all kind oppinions.

Very thanks,


Interactive ISP.

Hi Carlos,

your problem is contention… you are trying to push too much data through the backhauls… if the BH are 5.7 can switch them to 20M modulation, if the BH are 5.2 then you need to change them

In canopy 10MB of throughput = 7MB Data + 3MB of canopy overhead

So you have 7MB to play with, then at 50%, you are left with a maximum of 3.5MB up and 3.5MB down.

I would say on your configuration I would assume about 3MB link.

When you switch to 20M modulation, your data throupout will be 14MB, at 50% it will be 7MB up and down. You should be ok upto 6MB, expect latency of about 10ms at the top end.

hope this helps

thanks vj,

i thinked backhaul 10 megas ,i will can 5 megas data download and 5 megas data upload.

i will upgrade my backhauls to 20 megas inmediatly.

very thanks for your help.