Hire installers

I need to hire installer message me privately thank you.

Probably not going to get much usefulness out of this post.

Things missing:
Your profile is as bare bones as it gets so there is no credibility there.
Basic position listing.

I am not even sure if this kind of post is within the forum guidelines either.

Have you tried WISPTalk on Facebook? Lots of WISPs and installers on there.


Thank you. I dont use facebook much but I will look there
I thought id give the missing details to anyone interested but your right i should have included more info
I saw other same type of post so didnt know it wasnt in the guidelines either

Im buying a small wisp company in ontario who used cambium and mikrotic and other types of radio
Id be happy to explain more details or talk more to anyone who is interested in more details.
Id need installers and office manager support people

Im a WISP in Saskatchewan, mostly Cambium with a bit of UBNT and Mikrotik, but also moving away from UBNT and Mikrotik.

As for installers, look at their previous installers that quit, reach out to them and find out why they quit. you will need to double check any of their claims of course but it should give you a pool of semi interested people that may be willing to come back should you work out an arrangement.