Hops and Throughput - PTP 550

Hi Guys

Can somebody please help me.

We are running a link to a client via 3 hops.

All Equipment is the PTP550, channel bonding, 40MHz. Each link on its own has outstanding data throughput. More than 100Mbps. Each high site in the middle has a UBNT Edgeswitch. Every port connecting with a 1000Mbps connection

My problem is the overall (end to end) throughput, is very disappointing. About 10Mbps download and 4 Mbps upload.

Can somebody point me to a right direction, where I can start to fault find?

Thanks in advance.


I moved your post to the PTP forum, where someone might have some advice for you...

Have you validated (or can you) the throughput at each hop along the way?

A few things...

- Please update all radios to 4.3.2

- Please check the ports on the switch that the PTP550's are connected to to make sure there are no CRC or ethernet negotiation issues.

- Turn OFF flow control on each switch port

- Make sure that you're using a speed test tool that uses multiple threads and connections, ideally 5-10.

- If after doing all of the above you're still having issues, try testing each link individually with and without channel bonding enabled.