Horizontal distance between AP

We are designing the system with Canopy, and we need to know what is the minimal horizontal distance between AP, in the same column to cover 360º (6 APs ) It is very important for us, due to we are designing our own columns to fix APs.

We will be working with 5.4GHz devices

We think that if we separate more from de center of column, we will have dead angles.

The horizontal spacing only matters for mounting the APs. The angle of each AP defines its sector.

The reason the gap between APs doesn’t produce a gap in coverage is because the AP’s radiation pattern is not a sharp-edged 60-degree triangle. In geometric terms, the pattern is more like an elipse with the AP at one of the foci; or an oval with the AP towards one side, but not all the way to the edge.

If you send me your email address, I’ll send you a picture of a cluster bracket with about a 6 inches (15 cm) gap between each AP. (I tried inserting a link to the picture in this post, but I couldn’t make it work.)

Even if the APs were arranged in an unobstructed 328-foot (100 meter) circle, they would still provide good coverage. An SM in the middle of that circle would even be able to connect to any of the six APs.