Horizontal Polarization

The motorola knowledge base contains a couple references to polarization. We have seen the difference polarization makes in 900mhz systems in our area. The 900mhz and 2.4ghz bands are extremely crowded, but the spectrum is wide open when horizontally polarized. Since there is no connectorized or horizontally polarized 2.4 canopy radio, has anyone mounted a canopy radio horizontally? I’m sure it’s not recommended, but any real world experience, good or bad, would be appreciated.

http://motorola.canopywireless.com/kbas … id=69&c=15
http://motorola.canopywireless.com/kbas … d=133&c=15

The only discussion I’ve been involved with concerning horizontal polarization was during my training at the Canopy Technical Training course in Schaumburg. We briefly discussed horizontal polarization-- it is possible, but as you said, not recommended. You may want to consider contacting the instructor of that course.

you could use a horiz pol antenna and a cyclone type conversion ap on 2.4 look at a company called FDDI. Tranzeo has a hpol antenna for about $230 that they sell also.

You must be careful when doing these type of modifications because they are not FCC certified. This can become a very expensive mistake if you get some fly by night company to modify your Canopy radios and then have the FCC pay you a visit.
We are the only company authorized by Motorola to make modifications to the Canopy radios. We FCC certify all of our modifications.
Feel free to visit our website at http://www.lastmilegear.com

Thanks for the information. I really have no desire to modify a radio, like a cyclone unit, myself. We actually have 5 cyclone 5.7 APs deployed in our network that we are happy with.

Positioning the unit horizontally doesn’t cause trouble with the FCC does it? It is the power and gain of antenna where you can find trouble, right? If that is true I’m mostly just looking to see if anyone has done it and had problems with water or anything.

Brian, are there any plans for a horizontal 2.4 system from cyclone? With all of the wifi devices floating around is there much point?


Unless Canopy makes horizontally polarized SM’s it does not make much sense for us to make horizontal AP’s.

The reason we make the Cyclone 900 Omni horizontal is the integrated version due out at the end of this month will be horizontally polarized.