Horizontal Polarization

Does anyone have experience of using the Canopy BH20 in a
Horizontal Polarization. We have quite a lot of noise in the
5.7 ranges and want to reject a lot of this by turning the BH
antennas on both ends to Horizontal Polarization.

I am looking for any problems or warning that anyone has before
doing this?

Mark Anderson

If you turn the Canopy unit on its side it will no longer be rain-tight. You could, however, install it inside a separate NEMA 4X enclosue. Duct tape might work too, but I’ll insist on seeing pictures.

The 900MHz integrated antennas are already horizontally polarized, but I’ve never checked on the others.

I just fought a 5.7GHz BH interference issue this morning. I enabled and used a lower ISM frequency to solve the problem.