hot zone

Here’s what we want to do. We want to hit a trailer park with one SM regestered to an omni 900 about 6 miles away and use wireless access point with a 12dbi 2.4 omni antenna to provide internet service to about 6 customers in the park. Bandwidth management isnt that important but Ineed some kind of software where the customers can sign up and pay for access online. Also, will I need an on-site server?

Is this a pay-as-you-go deal, or sign up once and be authenticated?

I’m going to say that it will be a pay as you go thing.

this is what i use for a similar application.

I have an sm plugged into the wan port of the wsg, then my clients connect via centrino laptops, or other wireless adaptors.

You can get the thermal printer which has a programmable prepaid system, so customers simply buy "airtime" from the vendor and when they open a browser, a login page is displayed where they enter the user name & password on the airtime voucher.

The wsg also has a credit card billing system built-in, although i havnt tried this yet, coz the banks here are not fully "online".

do you use the radius AAA server also?

no, i just use the built-in billing and accounting system…

I might suggest you look at the Nomadix AG2100 at