Hotspot external guest authentication

Hotspot external guest authentication

could someone please help me with an external authentication on the cnPilot e410 hotspot?

is there any tutorial that can help me with this?

the most doubt is how should i do the authentication, if i should use ssh, telnet, post, get anyway, can someone help me with this, i can't find anything that can help me on google.



please reffer attached document which shall help integration with external guest acces server. The guest client browser shall do http post to AP. Hope we are autehnticating users with extenral authentication server. if not please speficy the method.

you can reach us to on below email list "" in case any further help on integration part

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Thank you very much for that, it will be of great help.

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For login request to AP one can also do a HTTP GET request and send all required details like ga_user, ga_pass in query strings itself. The most important query string param to be sent to AP is the ga_Qv param and it's value, rest all query strings are optional.