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Been doing a bit of research in these posts and found some important stuff. We are setting our WISP company and I just need to ask a couple of questions if you guys can help me:

1-If I want to provide a service to a building of around 50 rooms, is it possible to send the signal to one main point and from there redestribute it to every room (like a campus for example) creating a sort of hot-spot with multiple subscriber or does every room need to have installed a SM?

2-Got a bit confused with the last VoIP comments I just read…Does canopy support or not VoIP? We want to provide VoIP service to our costumers through our own network. We want to be able to provide our costumers internet and telephony with internet acces only. So people can quit their phone provider. Does canopy support it?

3-Can an SM be instaled inside home or is mandatory that is placed outside?

4-When, and IF, WiMAX comes in action, do the actual Canopy products handle wimax? Do we need to acquire new antennas? Or does it only need an upgrade on the software?

Thanks all for your attention and best regards.

In order to service the 50 rooms you would need to do one of two things. Install a wifi access point and bring the Internet feed into the building via Canopy. Or two run Cat5 to each room off a switch and use Canopy to bring the Internet feed into the switch.

Canopy does pass VOIP traffic. There are a lot of Canopy using ISP’s that have customers running Vonage type VOIP services over Canopy.

We have heard of customers running 900MHz SM’s inside of house attics and other bands mounted in windows but it is not recommended. We recommend mounting the SM’s in the best possible location for maximum signal strength.

Currently the only thing I can point you to regarding WiMAX is our press release found at

Distributing in a building can be done several ways
Install one Canopy on the roof.

1. WiFi - Not recommended - it’s a nightmare
2. Run new Cat5 to each room - expensive and labor intensive
3. Install Tut System Espresso MDU or MDU Lite in Telco closets. … /index.cfm. This is the simplest solution and works extremely well.

Jerry Richardson
airCloud Communications ... /index.cfm.

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The link is broken because of the “period” or “dot” at the end of the file name in the URL.

Here: … /index.cfm

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