Hotzone Duo

Does the 5.8 side of this equipment connect into the normal canopy 5.7 network?

from what I understand, the hotzone duo uses 2 radios. 1 802.11b/g and 1 802.11a. So the answer to your question is no. You can connect a 5.7Ghz SM as it’s backhaul.

That is correct. The kit can be purchased with two radios inside. The 802.11b/g radio talks directly to the clients. The 802.11a radio is used for the wireless backhaul. If you use the 802.11a radio as backhaul, remember that 802.11a can only talk to 802.11a Access Points.

Does anyone know if this hotzone duo is still going to be tropos based. Tropos had announced a dual radio outdoor solution that uses a a/b/g, the 5320. A previous post had a PDF that showed the specs of the hotzone duo and it was compaired against Tropos stuff.

HotZone Duo is NOT Tropos based. It is a product manufactured and designed by the big “M”.

The Tropos dual band radios products have proprietary radios in them and do not support the 802.11 standard.

It is true that the backhaul for the Motorola-built (not Tropos-built) HotZone Duo ‘does’ use the same frequencies as 802.11a…however the manufacturers have turned-off the ability of an 802.11a client to “associate” with the backhaul radio.

So, it is using 802.11a radio and frequencies, but no 5.8 clients can “connect”…