how can i enter in to canopy without overiding the device?

HI all,

I can’t get in to my AP cluster, and I don’t want to override each an ever Ap in my Ap cluster.Is there a way to enter in to canopy without overriding the device via telnet or something else?plz help.

Did you put public IP’s in your radios? If so, you need to use private IP’s as public IP’s get hit with all kinds of junk traffic causing the web interface to stop answering http requests.

Telnet to the radio and login using root and your password.

type: reboot

Then you can get into the radio and change the IP’s to private. Do a forum search for IP Addressing and you will find many topics on IP schemes.


My radio’s ar using private IP with 192.168.0.x So will i be able to get into the radio’s via telnet with root as username and a blank password???

plz help.

If I am not wrong, the last time I read manual in 2005, IPs should be in

We use 172.16.x.x work great

Radios have three IP Addresses:

Radio Management IP: by default. Should be changed to your management IP scheme. We use 10.0.x.x, others use 172.16.x.x

Customer IP address (NAT Enabled): Public or Private static or DHCP assigned

AP/SM Private IP Address: 192.168.101.x where .x is the LUID #
- AP (LUID1) is
- SM1 (LUID2) is
- SM5 (LUID6) is

You can telnet to the AP’s management IP, then telnet to the SM using 192.168.101.x assuming you know the LUID number of the unit. Then type ip and you will see the IP addresses of the SM.

hope that helps.

please jerry, what if the password was change by somebody and you still want to access it using telnet

jerry i don’t know whether it our NAT but this thing you about telnet does not work, telnet inactive and then the session is lost.
waiting for your response

Jerry it works now,sorry about my first reply but their still a problem with the SM
You said that i can get connected with 192.168.101.X but these are what i found out
when i telnet using 192.168.101.X, my connection failed but when i used the management ip i get connection.
when i type in the telnet ip
it gives me the customer LAN gateway IP and

please i need your response

Lastly, can you send the commands or link to the commands to make changes using telnet.
thanks in advance will always the be the AP. This scheme is limited to the AP and it’s child SM’s.

To use 192.168.101.x you need to telnet to the AP and log in. From the AP telnet to 192.168.101.x assuming you know the LUID you are trying to access. Login with root and the password. Then type ip to find out the management IP address of the radio.

Alternately you can browse to the web interface on the AP. From there you can connect to the SM in question using the LUID select page on the AP. If the SW version is 7.3.6 there is no usename, just the password. If the SW is 8.x then the username is root.

If the password was changed and you do not know what it is, then you will have to go to the site and use the overridde plug. On an RJ11/6pin jumper pins 4 and 6. Plug in the connector and reboot the radio. When it comes up the IP address will be and no password. You can then set the management IP and password. Remove the RJ11 and reboot.