how can i get back into radio on site after changing vlan?

is it possible to get back into a radio onsite after i change the vlan to this - see atttachment

Is this an AP or an SM?

If it's an SM and it has an RF connection to an AP... you can get into the SM through the AP's session list. It's a kind of backdoor that works even if you're IP settings are messed up.

it is a SM: what if the SM was not connected to the AP? is it still possible?

If you have physical access to the SM, you could use a default plug in the RJ11 port to reset the IP settings to the default of I'm fairly certain that this will over-ride any VLAN settings you may have made.

Please see THIS thread on how to default a PMP device.

I believe the VLAN settings do not take effect until it registers to an AP that has VLANs enabled and tells the SM to use it's config.  At least, that has been my experience.

thanks for the replies - my thinking was: if a tech goes for service call - can he get into the radio from in side the house. without going up on the roof and using an default plug. vlan is enalbed on AP. 

If the laptop that the tech is using has an Intel NIC then upgrading to Intel's drivers instead of using the default Microsoft drivers will allow you to configure the NIC to tag traffic. In your case with SM Management VID Passthru enabled you would configure for VLAN 30 on the laptop and possibly configure for a static IP (if your Mgmt VLAN doesn't have a DHCP server.)

And this should only be the case after the SM is connected to the AP. Otherwise untagged traffic should work fine.

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