How can I keep CNS up to date with the latest ePMP firmware updates?

To take advantage of new capabilies introduced in device firmware, the CNS Server allows the import of Cambium Networks Device (CND) files.  CND files are distributed from the CNS Server Files Site.  The CND files are imported into CNS by performing the following steps:

  1. Download the desired CND files.
  2. Log into the CNS Server UI and select the Admin application.
  3. Select Device Compiler/View Device Definitions.
  4. Select and then right click the device you want to update and select Delete Device Definition.
  5. Right click anywhere and select Import Device Defintion.
  6. Select the CND file to import it.
  7. Close the Device Definitions view.
  8. Run the Device Compiler and restart the CNS Server.
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