How can i unfreeze my Force 180 cambium radio

I have been having issues accessing my radio from my laptop and even via my switch…what do i do?

Configure laptop IP as and subnet mask as
Connect Force 180 data port to laptop and ping
If it reachable , open the browser and access the radio with IP and admin/admin as login credentials
If not reachable , try to reset factory reset by pressing reset button and repeat above step.


In ePMP in my opinion it is ???

To be honest, on a direct connection between two devices the mask does not actually matter in todays classless IP networks as long as both devices IP addresses are within the same mask restrictions.

Given the actual mask for Microsoft’s APIPA IP range is, you can use what you want or only what you need to make the connection. We know the other device will use then we could use a mask of and set our laptop to and it will work just fine. Conversely you could set the full mask and have your laptop set to and it will also work unless the default ip address mask in the device you are trying to talk to is more restrictive and thus can only directly communicate with a smaller subset of hosts.

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Hmm some different version on this community :slight_smile:

Actually it says the same thing. A mask of is a /16. The epmp radios have an apipa mask of /16. So whatever mask you choose for your laptop does not matter as long as both devices are withing the same subnet. L
You can always make a mask more restrictive but can not exceed the subnet for the address range. With IPV4 you can always take a given subnet mask ans divide it into smaller subnets so using a /24 or even a /29 would work as long as both addresses used to communicate are within the same subnet. What will not work is if the laptop is in a different subnet from the radio. So if you used a /29 mask on the laptop and its IP is then the laptop would not be able to send to the radio without a router that resides within both subnets. Change your IP to and then the mask does not matter as long as its not a /32.

Ip addressing and subnetting isnt as complicated as what its made out to be and is grossly misunderstood. The mask is used to separate networks of ip addreeses from each other. Thats it! If you receive a block with a /24 mask then there is nothing stopping you from splitting it up in /28s which you could then dedicate to the intended task and ensure all data must pass through a router (and thus access controls) before being forwarded.
A simple example:
We have our management network which has a global mask of but we split it up into many /24 subnets to isolate sections of the management network from others. Management traffic from one tower doesnt need to be going across the backhaul links to every tower with every broadcast, so each tower gets its own router and management subnet. The subnet masks used make this separation possible. If we need to access a specific AP then we just type in its address (or hostname) and it just works. The best bonus is the backbone links are not hadling the arp requests of every SM, AP, Router, switch and phone on the network.this means there is more bandwidth available to our customers and less susceptible to broadcast storms.

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