How do I configure client Web Proxy details in cnMatrix switches

Summary: This article describes how to configure your client Web Proxy settings on a cnMatrix Switch so it can go through the Web Proxy and reach the internet for connectivity to management systems such as cnMaestro and XMS-Cloud. At the time of writing this article (01/2022), it is currently configurable only via the CLI (Command Line Interface) and you must be running a minimum firmware version of 4.2.

The user can specify:

• HTTP username and password for authentication
• Proxy server address and port

CLI commands

ip http client proxy-server <servername> proxy-port <port-number>
ip http client username <username>
ip http client password <password>

Example CLI command configuration

ip http client proxy-server proxy-port 8080
ip http client username admin
ip http client password myadminpassword

Additional configurable features are due to be released in a future update. Please check the release notes for new firmware releases for up to date information on new functionality and features.

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