How do I configure ePMP QOS for VOIP?

The ePMP platform supports three QoS priority levels using air fairness, priority-based starvation avoidance scheduling algorithm:

  1. Highest Priority - Served First (VoIP - only when VoIP Enable is set to Enable)
  2. Medium Priority - Served once highest priority traffic is sent
  3. Lowest Priority - Serviced once Highest and Medium priority traffic is sent

By default, all traffic passed over the air interface is low priority.  Each additional traffic classification rule increases device CPU utilization. Careful network traffic planning is required to efficiently use the device processor.

For setting up QOS for VoIP you have the following options:

  • Enabled: When enabled, two entries are automatically added to the first and second rows of the QoS Classification Rules table, one with Rule Type CoS (5) and one with Rule Type DSCP (46). The addition of these rules ensures that VoIP traffic passed over the radio downlink is given highest priority. The CoS and DSCP values may be modified to accommodate non-standard VoIP equipment.
  • Disabled: When disabled, VoIP traffic is scheduled normally along with all other user data.

Below is a snapshot of the QOS page: