How do I configure the IP address, Default Gateway and DNS server addresses via the CLI on an XV/XE series AP

Summary: This article describes how to set the IP address, default gateway and DNS servers via the Command Line Interface (CLI) of the XV series AP.

  1. Login to the Switch via a terminal application such as PuTTy


  2. Type the following commands to set the IP address on VLAN 1. You can also create a different VLAN and set the IP address for it.

    interface vlan 1
    ip address <IP Address> <Subnet Mask>

  3. To set the Default Gateway

    ip route default <IP address>

  4. To set the DNS server

    ip name-server <IP address>

    Here is an example that configures a new VLAN, sets the IP address for that VLAN and sets the Default Gateway, DNS Server and saves the configuration to flash memory.