How do I deactivate PoE on a port to reboot a device on cnMatrix Switches?

Summary: This article provides instructions on how to temporarily deactivate and reactivate Power over Ethernet (PoE) on a port to reboot a device. This is useful in scenarios where you may have lost access to a particular device and it requires a reboot. When running this command, the Switch will stop providing power to the Switchport for a couple of seconds and then the power will return.


  1. Log in to the cnMatrix Switch via a terminal application such as PuTTy

  2. Go into configuration mode and navigate to the Switchport you wish to temporarily deactivate and reactivate PoE

    config terminal
    interface gigabitethernet <interface number>
    power inline toggle



  1. Login to cnMaestro and navigate to Monitor & Manage


  2. Under Networks, expand the options to locate the Switch the device is connected to


  3. Select the Tools menu item

  4. Select the tick box for the port you wish to affect and select the PoE Toggle button. This will start the process immediately. This will only work if the Switch is Online in cnMaestro.


A small feature request - rename this button “PoE Cycle,” rather than “toggle.”

A “toggle” of a switch just means changing it from one state to another.“toggle PoE” means if it is on, turn it off; if it is off, turn it on. “Toggle” = change state once.

“Cycle” should be designed so it only works on a port that is currently on, and it would go to off, wait some period of time (ideally configurable), and then set back to on again.


Hi Braden,
Thank you for your feature request to rename the “PoE Toggle” button to “PoE Cycle.”

We understand the difference between a toggle and a cycle. We appreciate your feedback and are looking into this suggestion. We will discuss this further internally and decide how we can improve the name of this feature.

Thank you again for your suggestion. We value your input and are always looking for ways to improve our products and services.

How long does the current version of the toggle command leave the POE off for, before turning it back on? A device like a PTP820 needs to be down for a good minute for the capacitors to drain properly. But also if you are disrupting a pathway, a vpn connection needs to drop thoroughly or it’ll glitch out.

+1 on selectable time.

I’d also like to have a log of which user initiated the power cycle.

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Hi, The toggle command leave the PoE off for 15 secs. Will discuss internally to add time delay in the command.
PoE status change is logged when logging severity is set to informational. It doesn’t track the user initiated the action though as this could be triggered through the cloud.

I understand the switch cannot log the action if it is initiated via cloud, but it would be nice if cnMaestro logged actions, and if possible, the result (success/fail).

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I also vote for POE cycle.