How do I deactivate PoE on a port to reboot a device on cnMatrix Switches?

Summary: This article provides instructions on how to temporarily deactivate and reactivate Power over Ethernet (PoE) on a port to reboot a device. This is useful in scenarios where you may have lost access to a particular device and it requires a reboot. When running this command, the Switch will stop providing power to the Switchport for a couple of seconds and then the power will return.


  1. Log in to the cnMatrix Switch via a terminal application such as PuTTy

  2. Go into configuration mode and navigate to the Switchport you wish to temporarily deactivate and reactivate PoE

    config terminal
    interface gigabitethernet <interface number>
    power inline toggle



  1. Login to cnMaestro and navigate to Monitor & Manage


  2. Under Networks, expand the options to locate the Switch the device is connected to


  3. Select the Tools menu item

  4. Select the tick box for the port you wish to affect and select the PoE Toggle button. This will start the process immediately. This will only work if the Switch is Online in cnMaestro.