How do I enable Air Cleaner filters in XMS-Cloud

Summary: This article details how to enable the Air Cleaner functionality in XMS-Cloud. These filters block unnecessary traffic from being sent over the air.

  1. Login to XMS-Cloud


  1. Click Profiles and select the Profile you wish to add Air-Cleaner filters to.

  1. Select Policies from the Menu and then under Global Policy, click the ‘Add a Rule’ button.

  1. Select the Air Cleaner option and select the Create Rule button.

  1. Now you will see the Rules that have been added, click the Save Configuration button to apply to the AP’s. This will be service affecting so please ensure you apply these at a time suitable to you.

As each individual network has a different setup and systems, sometimes, not all of these rules may be compatible with your wireless network. To troubleshoot this, the simplest method is to disable a rule at a time and test. Whilst it may be a little time consuming, these rules will be beneficial in limiting unnecessary traffic from being sent over the air.