How do I enable PoE on the AUX port of a Cambium 450m


I am trying to activate a camera via the aux port on my Cambium 450m.

The option for aux port and the enabling of PoE do not seem to be available in the web interface under configuration_IP (I have seen a screen grab of these options being there from another Cambium device).

Does any body have an idea how to do this?

I am running firmware version 15.1.



This is not yet enabled on 450m.  It will be on a future software release.  Currently, the AUX port only supports in/out of the GPS timing signals.

Thanks for your response, I assumed it was already available because it was in your brochures.

Any idea when this will become available? Or is there an other way of activating this.

Would save me the time and cost to run two extra cables up our tower.

We have this targeted for R15.2, which is expected in Sept.  Of course, as with any statements on the roadmap, this is subject to change.