How do I generate a Diagnostic Log on an AOS-Lite AP (X2-120, XR-320)

Summary: This article describes how to generate a Diagnostic Log from an AOS-Lite AP (X2-120, XR-320). Support may ask you to generate this when a ticket is logged with us.


  1. Download and open PuTTy


  2. From the Menu on the left, under Session, select the Logging option


  3. Next, select the option to log ‘All session output’ and select the ‘Browse’ option to choose the location of the file and the name.


  4. Click the Session menu option and connect to the AOS-Lite AP


  5. Once connected, login to the AP and type the following command


  6. Once the output has finished displaying, close the session, locate the session output file you previously created and upload it to the case.


  1. Login to XMS-Cloud


  2. Click the Access Points tab

  3. Select the Access Point you wish to obtain the diagnostic log from by hovering over it and selecting the icon that appears


  4. From the new window pane that appears, select the Commands option


  5. In the Commands text field type ‘get-diagnostic’ and select the Submit button


  6. The get-diagnostic command output will then be displayed, copy and paste this in to a text file and upload it to the case.