How do I invite the Support team or other Users to my cnMaestro account

Summary: This article describes how to provide access to Support when they request it or provide additional Users access to your account.

Providing Support Access

  1. Login to cnMaestro

  2. Select the Administration icon from the Menu list on the left side of the page. Then select Users.

  3. To invite Cambium Support, click the Invite Cambium Support button

  4. Add the email address of the Cambium Support member requesting access and use the Role drop down to select the level of access you wish to grant.


  5. Once completed, click the Send button to send the invitation.


Add additional User

  1. To add an additional user, follow steps one and two in the above instructions and once on the Users page, click the Add User button

  2. Insert the email address of the User you wish to add and using the Role drop down, select the appropriate level of access you wish to provide.


  3. Click Send to send the invitation to the User.


User Roles

cnMaestro supports the following user Roles:

  • Super Administrator – Super Administrators can perform all operations.
  • Administrator – Administrators can modify cnMaestro application functionality, but they are not able to edit User, API, or Server configuration.
  • Operator – Operators are able to configure device-specific parameters and view all configuration.
  • Monitor - Monitors have only the view access.
  • CPI - CPI can perform on-boarding the devices using the CBRS tool and has the view access only. (Note: This option is only available when the CBRS is enabled)