How do I onboard my APs with static IP addresses into cnMaestro

While most enteprise networks are setup with a DHCP server which would automatically assign the AP an IP address and other relevant parameters for routing and DNS, there are cases where you may wish to use static IP addresses on your APs, yet manage them through cnMaestro.

To do this, we'll need to configure the AP with enough information for it to be able to reach cnMaestro at This would involve three configuration items:

  1. A static IP address for the AP
  2. A default gateway IP address which would allow the AP to access the internet
  3. A DNS server IP address where the AP can lookup and resolve the IP address of

All of this configuration is done in the Configure->Network settings of the APs GUI, as shown below:

(Note that in firmware releases prior to 2.0 the Default Route and DNS configuration was under the 'Routes' tab, starting 2.0 this has all been moved to the first page of the network configuration as shown above)

After these parameters have been configured, you can also verify connectivity to by pinging it from the Troubleshoot->Connectivity page on the device GUI: