How do I reactivate The Terrain Map on Link Planner

Hi Colleagues,

Please help, how do you reactivate the Terrain Map on the online map in Link Planner?
The previous version of the Terrain Map could be displayed on the Online Map. It was very helpful in planning radiolink. Since the Terrain Map was removed, the planning process is a little longer and more difficult because you can’t see the mountainous terrain.
Please help if anyone knows how to reactivate the Terrain Map, thank you very much for helping… :pray:


You can’t change the map layers that are available in LINKPlanner, you can only choose from one of the available options using the layer selector (Map, Satellite, Dark Gray, Light Gray).

We will be updating the map in the desktop version very soon. We will investigate if it is possible to use the same “Map” layer that is used in the online map, which includes the relief shadows to indicate terrain. When we make the change it will automatically update for all desktop users, you will not need to install a new version to see the change.



Hi Andy,

Thank you very much for the feedback.
I really appreciate if terrain maps can be used again.
So far I have been greatly assisted in designing radios using Link Planner and the results are not much different when implemented in the field using Cambium radios.
Hopefully it will be resolved soon for the terrain map, because the contours in Indonesia are very unpredictable.



+1 for getting terrain map back.