How do I recover a lost Full License Key?

I have an ePMP 2000 Radio that went wonky and we replace it.  Brought it off the tower and defaulted it and it seems to be fine, but it's lost it's full license key.  How do I retreieve that since I wasn't smart enough to hang on to those?  I tried re-activated via an entitlement key but it tells me that mac has already been activated, but does not give me the license key.


All activated licenses are stored on Licensing Portal:

Thank you.

I have interacted with the Cambium Licensing website very little (and find it annoyingly difficult to understand what I'm looking at and/or how to do anything even though it seems like it should be a simple thing...) but can't you go to

and click on " Previous Activations"   and see a list of all the "licences" you have "activated" or "entitled" or ... OMG why must this be so convoluted...  but somewhere there I think the key, or license, or entitlement, or activation code, or whatever they call the the thing you had to generate at one time to paste into that radio, should be there ?

Since it's the same radio it's the same MAC so you won't be generating a new code just copy pasting the original ? No ?  Who knows, I can't make heads or tails of that whole process because I only have to deal with it once ever few years when one of our few remainging 2.4Ghz AP's that still have elevated CPE's gets knocked out.

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Thank you both, I found it.  It was right in front of me I guess, but didn't see it.  We normally try to buy radios with full license keys already in them, but occasionally suppliers run out and we have to buy the lite with a key combo.  I understand why you made the choice for keys, but it drives me nuts.  :)