How do I schedule an SSID to broadcast during certain times in XMS-Cloud and cnMaestro?

Summary: This article describes how to broadcast SSIDs during certain timeframes


  1. Login to XMS-Cloud management platform


  1. Click the Profiles option from the Menu items and select the Profile name you wish to modify

  1. Now click the Access Points icon and hover over the SSID you wish to set the schedule for and click the Schedule option that appears

  1. From here, you can select the days of the week and the times you wish the SSID to broadcast. Once you have set these, click the Schedule button


  1. Now click the Save Configuration button to push the configuration immediately or schedule the push for a more suitable time.



  1. Login to cnMaestro


  1. Click the WLANs icon from the Menu icons on the left hand side

  1. Select the SSID you wish to modify from the list of your SSIDs


  1. Select Access Control from the list of options and scroll down until you see the Scheduled Access options. Once you have entered in your desired times for each day, click the Save option

  1. When you click the Save option you will be prompted with a warning advising that the configuration change will be pushed immediately and will be service impacting. If you do not wish for this to happen, make the change at a more suitable time.


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