How do I strip VLAN tags on ePMP

Hi cambium
How can I strip vlan on ePMP force radio
I tried it under s vlan and c vlan but is not working.kindly help

Hello @willy_kibiwott_yator,

could you provide more details what exactly you are trying to do and make a screenshot of your GUI>Configuration> Network tab

If you are just placing a management vlan and a data vlan then do not use the s and c tagged vlans, leave them blank. Just set your management vlan and the data vlan the sm is supposed to use for the ethernet port. Keep in mind that a vlan aware computer can still access the management interface from the ethernet port but by default all untagged packets will be placed on the data vlan.

If you are doing vlan tagged services such as voip and iptv, then you need a vlan aware switch at the customers house to split those to individual ports and this is where the c-tagged vlans come into play.
S-tagged vlans are for q-in-q services where you have multiple providers on your network using your infrastructure or where you need to route multiple customer vlans between sites on your network (lan-spanning across your network).

Ok I will share my screen short tomorrow