How do I temporarily terminate service for a non-paying customer?

*Prior to System Release 2.4.3*

To terminate service to a non-paying customer:

On the customer SM:

  1. Set Layer 2 Firewall to "Enabled"
  2. Configure the Firewall Rules table as shown right (with Name parameter setting of your choice).
  3. Click the Save button

RESULT:  All Ethernet traffic is dropped at the SM Ethernet Port.

To reinstate service when no other Layer 2 Firewall rules are defined on the SM, set Layer 2 Firewall to "Disabled"

To reinstate service when other Layer 2 Firewall are configured on the SM, delete the rule created above for terminating service, then click the Save button.

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Beginning with System Release 2.4.3, operators may now simply disable the SM's primary Ethernet port to temporarily disable service for a non-paying customer.

To disable the SM's primary Ethernet port, navigate to Configuration > Network and set parameter Ethernet Port to 

Disabled.  Click the Save button to commit the change.