How do I upgrade/downgrade/change software on a PTP 820(x)?

The PTP 820 software installation process includes the following steps:

  • Download – The files required for the installation or upgrade are downloaded from a remote server.

  • Installation – The downloaded software and firmware files are installed in all components of the PTP 820 that are currently running an older version.

  • Reset – The PTP 820 is restarted in order to boot the new software and firmware versions.

Software and firmware releases are provided in a single bundle that includes software and firmware for all components in the system. When you download a software bundle, the system verifies the validity of the bundle. The system also compares the files in the bundle to the files currently installed in the PTP 820 and its components, so that only files that need to be updated are actually downloaded. A message is displayed for each file that is actually downloaded.

Note:    When downloading an older version, all files in the bundle may be downloaded, including files that are already installed.

Software bundles can be downloaded via FTP. After the software download is complete, you can initiate the installation.

Note:    Before performing a software upgrade, it is important to verify that the system date and time are correct. The system date and time are configured in the Time Services page. 

Newer versions of the firmware, at least 10.3, allow the user to upload the firmware files directly to the unit via the web gui. You no longer have to use FTP/SFTP to send the file to the unit.