How do I upgrade the ePMP onboard GPS chip firmware?

To upgrade the GPS Synchronized ePMP radio’s on-board GPS chip, follow this:

  1. When upgrading multiple v1.0.3 (or later) integrated devices, ensure that the browser cache is cleared at the beginning of the upgrade process.
  2. Log in to the device GUI via the management IP
  3. Navigate to page Tools, Software Upgrade
  4. Under the Main Software section, set the Upgrade Option to URL to pull the software file from a network software server or select Local File to upload a file from the accessing device. If URL is selected, enter the server IP address, Server Port, and File path.
  5. If Local File is selected, click Browse to launch the file selection dialogue.  Select the same package that is used to upgrade the device software.  The new GPS firmware is a part of the software upgrade packages.
  6. Click Upgrade
  7. Once the software upgrade is complete, click the Reset icon.