How do you change the "guest" password in release

I only see ‘Admin’ and ‘Root’ … how do I change ‘guest’ so that my customers can log onto the SM???

Just go to the ACCOUNTS page and add a new user.

I suggest removing the ADMIN user unless your installers need it.
Do not remove the ROOT acount.

On this note, is there a was to mass-remove the admin account in Prizm? I’m still running 2 but I plan to upgrade to 3 over the weekend.

I do NOT want my customers to see any of the SM status pages … is it possible to PW protect the “General Status Page”?


:smiley: we don’t allow customers in the sm unit, I cannot see any reason for them to even no they can access the unit.

How do you keep them from seeing anything in the SM? How do you lock them out?

Our sm units are password protected, and the customer is not allowed the password. If the Tech goes into the sm unit at the home he clears their history before leaving

Yes, but if the customer types in the local IP address of the SM, they will still see the status page.

How do you prevent this???

Implement VLANs. The management VLAN setting will only allow tagged packets matching the VLAN number to access the management interface, IIRC.

Sorry Greg… I’m running mostly 7.3.6 I see what you are saying now