How do you check real users performances?

Hello guys,

I know... I'm posting too much questions, but I'm really curious about ePMP as it's a new product and it's always exciting to test new products :-D

Can I ask you how do you check real users performances?

I mean... There is the wireless test, but it's not always very close to real TCP throughput the users can see on speedtest (and that's all they want, see the numbers!).

With MikroTik, I used to do a TCP bandwidth test between the backbone router connected to fiber and the user CPE/SM, so I had a real value of their TCP speed.

Using Cambium ePMP, I can't do this.

A "download test" performance can really help, for example you could put a section where I can simulate a download, to really see download performances... 

You mean something like a " Wget [file from the internet ]" > /dev/null " from the lan side of the ePMP?

That combined with some sort of real time troughput graphing would, indeed, be awesome!

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Exactly, Guilherme

It shouldn't be too CPU intensive and should report a real value of the user's speed.

The URL should be editable by us, so we can put a file on our servers near the user.

You could also add a multi-connection feature.

About upload it's more complex, maybe a sort of limited tiny FTP client with multiple connection support could help...

I think download can be a good start point :-)

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Yes - with StarOS, we also have the same functionality and it absolutely saved the bacon a number of times.  The throughput test on any unit (any AP or CPE) asks for the IP address and password of the other side. So, we can use it to test from the CPE to the AP it is connected to if you want, but you can also test from the CPE to a server at the shop, or to a server out on the internet somewhere. Any StarOS unit can speed test to any other StarOS unit anywhere that it can see.

So, when a client reports a speed issue, we can not only test his over-the-air connection, but we can also test the whole backhaul and make sure there isn't anything wrong somewhere in the path that isn't obvious.  This also let's us test switches and cables at a tower - testing from AP#1 to AP#2 through the cables and switches to make sure we're getting the 100 Mbit or GigaBit we are expecting to get.

Even if the GUI just had an interface for iPerf - that'd be something.

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I never used StarOS, but on RouterOS it's the same, and it's very useful as you said!

Yes, i didn't think about iperf, but it would be great!


You can use a iperf installed os a server on you network and used a notebook on client to test the maximum reach your link or qualify for bandwich sale like 5MB or 10MB.

Sure, but you can’t do it without going to the users house :frowning:

Iperf don't take that much cpu for a simple bandwith test, even less in download since the other side generate the data.

Yes, I think an iperf GUI would be perfect!!