How do you mount the connectorized 900Mhz 45i radio ?

Either something is missing from the box my connectorized 900Mhz 450i came in or I'm not smart enough to figure out how this thing is supposed to be mounted.   I've tried finding manuals for it but everything I find is for the 450 radios which look nothing like this radio.  I also bought the Cambium 900Mzh sector with  it and I see no way of mounting this radio to the bracket on the antenna.

What am I missing ?

The sector antenna should have had a bracket attached to the back of it and a small baggy of screws to attach the AP to it.  See these attached photos.

Hrm, there is the problem then the sector antenna I got does not have that second bracket the radio is actually attached to nor did it have a baggy of small bolts.   


I would contact your distributor and let them know.  Hopefully they or Cambium can dropship one to you.  Otherwise just use lots of electrical tape wrapped around the antenna and AP.  haha  We have installed almost 20 of the AP's and so far they have all been good, but I suppose someone could have packed yours on a Friday afternoon and forgot to add them.

Please open a support ticket.  This is a vendor error if these parts are missing from the antenna box.

Sorry for the trouble...