How does E series AP provides IP to more than 300 clients?

I have seen that E series devices can serve 300+ customers. How does it do? Does it have 2 DHCP servers running inside device? I have never have my hands on E series. Thanks.


capability of connecting over 300 clients per AP (512 on E600 lets say) is a WiFi chipset specification. That doesn't mean you should expect in real life that many clients per AP to be connected or moreover having reasonable bandwidth or reliable connection. Even if you would put that many clients on one AP, in best case you would have kilobits of bandwidth per client, if even that. Definitely consider much more AP's for so many clients starting with definition of requirements, constraints analysis, WLAN desing, deployment, validation and optimization.

There is one DHCP service running inside each device and it has nothing to do with WiFi capability of the same device. Normally for larger networks it is recommended to use 3rd party device whose hardware resources will be used for different services not stressing the resources of Access Point and affecting it's performance capabilities. 



i presume you can configure dhcp with net. mask /23 or /22 if you need more like any other network device!