How does everyone like 4.5 in general?

For some reason I can't find the latest official Cambium release thread on this 4.5. How is your 4.5 experience working vs 4.4.3? Especially interested in 3k performance real world.

4.5: stable but has issues

3000L: SM shedding for no reason found.

F300-ANY: bandwith vs throughput. Link test shows bandwidth is there, but packets are dropped like crazy

F200/F180; No real issues found so far.

1000-lite/Full: minor issues with F300 seeing AP but not connecting if signal is less than -75 despite setting the registration requirements to -100.

4.3.x we only did minor testing with F300 gear and found that we could not get it to stay linked.

3000L/1000-lite/full & f200/f180 had only minor issue of the timestamps on logs and throughput graph were out to lunch.

Full 3000 ap

- randomly loosing all SMs and access to unit, have to ssh reboot

- sometimes SMs show in monitor list with even though they have an IP and are accessible

- random reboots

- BFA still randomly dropping

Cambiums recommended bandaid for the dropping/rebooting is to disable BFA

I'd probably hold off on 4.5 as 4.5.4 will be out any day now and will resolve many of the issues in 4.5.

Yeah we've had issues on 4.5, but have been using 4.5.4 beta 2 for a week and our reboots and problems stopped. Can also use the BSA again and it's fine.

4.5.4 RC2 - still random rebooting E3K and E3KL with large number of clients connected (flashing back 4.4.3 firmware solve this problem)

Have you found a way to stop the phenomenon of the SM shedding?? As far as my access point is concerned everything is working great but all of a sudden either it gets stuck(for no apparent reason) or it drops all SMs and reconnects them after a few moments. Also do we know when 4.5.4 will be released??

Hey Mods! how about an update on 4.5.XX ??????????

This shedding thing is getting bad and the F300s I have are near useless!

between this, and apparently not posting beta firmwares in the beta group anymore, sounds like people only get the beta firmware by asking for it now

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Yeah, thats only if they get back to you.  I have been asking for updates or firmware for weeks now and nothing.  Not sure whats going on but its definately frustrating.   Hopefully they start communicating soon.


we have already decided we are dumping this garbage, lost of wasted time and money.

we are likely going cnmeadusa though i would rather go with a different company at this point

Very poor I think Cambium has given up on 3000 and I am about to as well. 

David, have you tried 4.5.6 or the 4.6RC29 Beta? They address most known bugs that existed in 4.5 - so I’m wondering how that’s working for you now?

Well, we are down to 2 3000L’s on our network. I upgraded one from 4.4.3 to 4.5.6 hoping it would resolve the randomly losing GPS sats problem (it didn’t) and not only did it not fix that problem the 3000L started taking spells were it would start rebooting every few minutes… so loaded 4.4.3 back on it, and then next time it randomly rebooted itself it came back up with 4.4.3 and hasn’t rebooted since.