How far are you along in the course and what do you think?

Hey Everyone,

Believe it or not, but Connecting U has been out for almost 60 days now. I wanted to ask how far along in the course are you and if any of the users would like to provide any feedback about the course? what you like or dont like. 


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Hi Brad,

Just started the Freshman course this weekend, so I'm early on in my "Freshman year".  For the most part, I think the content is great and interesting, but I have two comments. First, I've noticed one of my pet peeves many times... talking about a subject or using an acronym before defining it. So far, I've noticed many places where that has happened so far. Second, there are also places where a topic is defined in very simplistic terms, then just a little later, the content depth has jumped light years ahead. For me, both of these items haven't been much more than an annoyance as I'm a seasoned networking engineer, and I've already been exposed to much of this stuff. But to someone coming in as a total newbie, I would think it would be very frustrating.

Just my two cents... thanks for asking!

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Thanks for the feedback!! I'll be concious of that as I get to work on Conecting U 2020!

Brad Schubert
Multimedia Instructional Designer 

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