How for better solutions on high interference akcess point

Hello. My name agus. In my office there are many acces point wifi with high dbm power. 

I set 8 wifi ap cnpilot e410. With bandwitdh up to 100 Mbps.

How to set up wifi with high interference from another wifi ap. 

I'm very confius because in rush hour and all user use the internet the speed is very low. 

I need help for anyone in this group/forum to explain how to set ap.


Hi Agus, 

            Wi-Fi is a shared medium, so if the number of users increases the bandwidth will be shared amoung the users since all clients compete for access. Cambium AP comes with built in sprectrum analyzer which will help you to scan the sorroundings and understand the Interference and noise around the sourrounding. Airtime fairness configuration is available inside Radio configuration, if enabled will throttle slower clients in the presence of traffic from higher data rate clients. 




since you have limited number of APs,

1. it is good idea to do non overlapping channels both in 2.4 and 5 GHz 

2. make ensure clients have better SNR, it is recommended to keep minimum of 25 dB SNR from Client to AP

3. Since you say performance degrades when more and more users come, it can be because of channel assignment issue. Manual channel assignment shal help to minimize the interference 

4. If needed do power adjustment, one idea on each AP scan, to see how strong neighbour APs seen 

5. Look for RF interference from neighbouring APs deployment 

6. Enable band steering to move clients to 5 GHz

7. I prefeer dedicating one SSID to 5 GHz only, calling it as <your-regular-ssid> and attaching word to fast, something like this 

        SSID "My-Wi-Fi" mapped to both the bands and another SSID called "My-Wi-Fi-Fast" mapped only to 5 GHz band

It is always good to isolate speed issue is RF network or back end network issue. For this we say run direct Speed Test from Wirelsss clients to AP making use of "SpeedFlex" Tool

1. On AP enable Wi-Fi Perfm form 

     Services-Network-Speed Test -Wi-Fiperf (enable the check box)

2. On clients install SpeedFlex tool (avaibale both for Android and Apple devices from the app store)

3. Run speed test from AP to client to get know RF media capability when slow issue occurs