How much are you charging your customers?

We’re trying to find a sweet spot to make our wireless appeal to most everyone. We have a small amount of people in our area that can’t get DSL/Cable so we’re one of the better alternatives for broadband to them. However, DSL/Cable pricing is generally relatively cheap.

What we’re currently charging for our 900mhz customers:

512k/128k Residential - $49.99 a month for Internet.
$10.00 a month leasing fee for equipment.
$199.99 Installation fee.
$14.00 tax.

1.5m/256k Residential - $64.95 a month for Internet.
$10.00 a month leasing fee for equipment.
$199.99 Installation fee.
$14.00 tax.

1.5m/512k Business - $89.95 a month for Internet.
$10.00 a month leasing fee for equipment.
$199.99 Installation fee.
$14.00 tax.

Basically just looking to see if anyone on here has any better pricing and can make it sound more appealing to our customers. Before we were doing cheaper monthly pricing but charging $420 for equipment and a $150 install so with first month included it was coming to almost 700 dollars for the initial payment. We’re now tinkering with whether we want to sell the equipment to the customer or just lease it.

Any suggestions?

256/256k @ 44.95
384/256k @ 59.95
512/512k @ 74.95

those prices include modem lease.

$150 for install
1st & last months bill due on installation.

we usually walk away from an install with ~$250

dont forget about the motorola $40 mail in rebate. costs us nothing and lowers the price.

we lease all of our equipment to the customers, we found not many wanted to pay 600-700$ up front.

Yeah I definitely think we’re going to atleast start offering some 256k speeds, etc. the problem with me is that I’m spoiled…I’m used to 5mb+ connections and when I go to a customers house and test their 256k I feel disappointed like it’s ridiculously slow…but in reality they’re getting what they paid for it’s just that I can’t stand being that slow =P

But yeah - the only thing I was worried about with leasing out our equipment is here in Florida if the hurricanes come around destroying them it’s going to be a ton of fun!

$44.95 for whatever the unit will do. In a lot of cases, that’s 900Kbps up, 3.8Mbps down. The 5.7s in 1x mode are doing 1.6Mbps up, 6.9Mbps down.

whats this $40 rebate ?

Home 1000 - $59/Month

SOHO 2000 - $99/Month

Business 2000 - $179/Month
2000x600 with monitoring

Business 3000 - $249.00/Month
3000x1000 with Monitoring and Domain Hosting

All installs 299.00 with static public IP

The Business 2000 and 3000 are targeted at T1 users. We look for customers on a fractional or full T1 that are out of contract and tell them we will increase the speeds, lower the bill, provide monitoring, and tell them the tech is never more than an hour away - they jump at it.

We also look for 144k ADSL customers and sign them up on our SOHO2000. Pretty much anything outside 17000’ is ours, we just need to knock on doors and we get customers.

HOME 1000 ~ 9 months
SOHO 2000 ~ 6 months
BUSINESS 2000 ~ 3.5 months
BUSINESS 3000 ~ 2.5 months

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