how often to reset

how often do you all telnet in and reset your ap’s ? and is it a good idea to do so every few weeks or so?

we never do it… some of our kit has been up for 3 months… only if we see problems we reset the kit

I do a blanket reset every 14 to 18 days

mmm… is that just a precautionary measure or do you see any measurable benefits… I treat it as Linux as appose to MS.

last time I rebooted everything including CMM’s, one of my CMM’s didn’t come back so I had to drive out at 3 AM to find that the reset toggle had been flicked…

We reset if we make a change to the routers, cmm, or BH to flush the bridge tables.

Other than that, never.

We only reboot if a change is necessary or a problem is found. Currently my longest running AP is at 42 days. My longest running BH (60 Mbps) is at 194 days.